Weekly Summary 16/10

The week went on quite good without the exception of me catching a cold. I still do not feel totally accustomed to the heat yet, but I think I am starting to get a hang of it. I am drinking good amounts of water everyday at least.

Training has been tough, both because of the heat I mentioned but also because of the high level (and fitness) of guys here. Some guys go roll really hard here, and that is totally okay, I feel I can do both, but it is not optimal for me when I am simultaneously dying of the heat. Think this week is going to feel a little bit better in that regard, even though I have been sick now for 4 days.

Sparring hours have felt confused and disoriented, so I feel I really got to get a gameplan together, watch some tape and really map out what kind of game I want to play.

I have not taken the time to put some work into my match studies, partly cause I am divided on which athlete I want to focus on. I was going into this thinking I was going to study Leandro Lo, but since he focus mainly on the gi and there is a lot of no-gi training here I am thinking maybe i should watch someone who is prominent in both? I am thinking someone like Ryan Hall, mainly because he has so many good instructionals to accompany my studies.

Yup, it is decided, Ryan Hall it is! Think I am gonna start by studying his famous triangle game and try to apply that to my game. Going to try to get some extra drill hours in this week to start building.


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