Reflection of my arrival at Phuket

This is going to be a collection of random thoughts from my first time here in Phuket.

It has been a little more than one week since i arrived at Phuket Top Team, here in Phuket of course. There has been many good and positive experiences and impressions, though I have been feeling really lost, confused and even miserable from time to time. I know that I am a very impulsive person, and now when I am finally here in Phuket, a trip which I saved tons of money for and worked my ass of, I am starting to ask myself why? I have not figured out the answer yet.

When I arrived here my budget onsite room was not available so they put me in an onsite deluxe room. The room was really nice, had great AC and a private toilet. Though the bed was too soft (for my taste at least), I really enjoyed it, and it was a nice escape from the heat outside when you entered your room.

Yesterday though, my “real” room got available and I hade to move there. Even though I knew what the room would look like through pictures from the web, I think I did not properly realise just how bad it would be to live in a room with no AC and only fans (which barely helps at all). I am thinking about asking if there is possible to upgrade your room and pay the difference, but I do not know if that is a cop out, maybe I will get used to this environment and adapt?

My sleep has not been that great since I got here, maybe because of the jetlag, but probably also (and mainly) due to my hyperactive brain activity of all the new impressions and thoughts. This feels like a quite big setback for me, because back home in Sweden I had just gotten my sleep habits to work out, which I have not been able to do for as far as I can remember. This room I am staying in is surely not helping also.

Today I am having a rest day, even though it is the middle of the week. My throat is feeling sore, and even though this may be because of having a fan blasting at my face the whole night, I had some green snot this morning which usually is an indicator of illness for my body. I do not feel bad about this, and I also guess there is nothing strange with your body being inclined to pick up som infection the first weeks when training this hard in a new environment.



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