Match Study Blueprint

This is my first blueprint that I came up with which I will try to work with when breaking down and analyzing grappling matches. The word around town is that breaking down the elite athletes game in this sport, is one of the most crucial and necessary steps if you want to enhance your development. It is even more important if you do not come from a top gym yourself, but still want to make good progress.

The blueprint I have come up with looks like the following:

  1. Choose a match and watch it attentively. Be aware of the current rule system (for example: EBI, IBJJF or Submission only) and how this could effect the players style. Keep a notebook at your side and write down brief timestamps of important events.
  2. Re-watch the match, now looking for specific details. When did each athlete score points? How did they manage their damage control?
  3. Re-watch the match, this time analysing the setups of the attacks. How were they setup? Did the opponent make a misstake, were they tricked or forced to do so? Element of surprise?
  4. Re-watch the match, but now, look to understand how each athlete work their positional control, grips and guard recomposing etc. This is where the most subtle details probably lies so take your time and do not rush it.
  5. Finally, if there is an instructional made by one of the athletes your studying, pick it up and look up the techniques that were used during the match. This will probably offer some valuable key points for your understanding of the move.

On this blog I will share the results of my studies and maybe even with an accompanying video. If you want to comment and call bullshit (aka constructive critic) on any of my notes, feel free to do so.

Take care!


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